38th Annual SFARN Conference
June 3-4, 2021

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Dear Student Financial Aid Research Network (SFARN) Community,

The Student Financial Aid Research Network (SFARN) seeks proposals (.pdf) for the 38th Annual Conference to be held virtually on June 3-4, 2021. SFARN Conference is the prime venue for leading financial aid researchers to network, seek input, and share expertise with colleagues from colleges and universities, state and federal agencies, membership associations, and other non-profit organizations. The Pell Institute for the Study of Opportunity in Higher Education, is pleased to announce that the 2021 SFARN virtual conference will be co-hosted by The Trellis Company.

The COVID pandemic has unmasked many systemic issues with our student financial aid system. Hence our theme this year is Reconstructing Student Financial Aid for Equity. We welcome sessions focused on new and recently completed research on student aid issues such as federal policy changes, college food insecurity, student loan debt, low-income and non-traditional access, and the overarching theme of how students and their families are paying for college. Proposals should fit one of the following formats:

Research Presentations — Research presentations are formal presentations of about 20-minutes of completed or nearly-completed academic studies, policy reports, or other empirical research work. These presentations should address research motivation and questions, data and methods, findings, and implications for policy and practice. Presenters should be prepared to answer questions from audience members following their formal remarks, but generally, these sessions will be less interactive than the other formats.

Poster Presentation — Posters are ideal for those who wish to share and receive feedback on a research project, policy paper, or other work that is still in progress. Authors will have the opportunity to discuss their work in informal conversations with interested participants.

*New for SFARN 2021* Critical Network Conversations, Identification and Facilitation of Research Topics/Projects of Special Interest to our Community — We invite proposals to identify and facilitate research conversations on topics of special interest. These can be research ideas related to the 2021 theme of "Reconstruction" or other research topics. These might involve network conversations on topics/projects for which collaborators are sought, sharing ideas for new research topics, or a focus on methods of special interest. It might also involve discussion of challenges of on-going research, lessons learned from completed work, and how our research can be improved moving forward. These sessions will be organized as small interactive breakout rooms.

Sureima I. Santillan
SFARN Conference Coordinator (